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Sunday, August 06, 2006

We need Hensley neighbors to write up news articles,
i.e. new neighbors, fourth street new houses, pics of cuplettes, H sidewalk plaques, etc.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Hensley HD Social Club (that's not our official name, but it's what we're
using for right now until we think of something less stuffy and more fun)

Come and meet other friendly folks of the Hensley in a fun and casual

We are aiming to meet every other month (on a weeknight) at one of the
terrific local business' (on occasion we'll meet at someone's house to have
a chance to see some of the beautiful homes of the Hensley). Its a great way
to unwind with some wine tasting (or juice tasting, if you don't imbibe),
meet your neighbors, network, and get useful information on everything from
restoration tips & resources to finding out what's happening in your
neighborhood. Each meeting will be themed around something informative and

Let us know if you can make it by replying to Miranda at so we make sure we have enough wine and goodies (of
course if you find that you CAN join us at the last minute, come on over-
the more the merrier!)

See you there!

Your friendly cruise directors,

Jason (Lido Deck) Silva
Miranda (What-al ya have?) von Stockhausen

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

As the weather get warmer, the graffiti is increasing!

Some phone numbers to call in graffiti to.

Anti-Graffiti 24 Hr. Hot Line ~ 277-2758
48 hour turn around time
Graffiti in City Parks ~ General Services 277-4741
24 hour turn around time

Call in any graffiti to these phone numbers. Thanks for the extra eyes!!

Debbie L. Bybee
Community Coordinator
Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services
Strong Neighborhoods Initiative
13th St. Office
Phone: (408) 277-3610

The spring Hensley Historic Districk newsletter is out. Download the electronic copy here (542K PDF file). For a hard copy, please contact us.

Neighborhood Parking Permit Proposal
View this document for more information (300K PDF file)

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